Welcome to the Pardess Chana American Program Website for 1990-1991

Welcome to the Pardess Chana 1990-1991 website. It's been a while since we all sat around in our gas masks, waiting for Saddam - or the Enforcers - to strike! What has everyone done since then? This site is here to answer that question. As you can see, we have a couple of names up already. If you want to add yourself to the site, please e-mail Josh.


Where We Are Today

Lin Gabay (formerly Linda Gabay) - After her year in P.H., Lin went on to study at the South African program in Hod Hasharon. After spending a bit of time in America, she eventually returned to Israel. She now lives in Jerusalem, where she's studying business at the Talpiot branch of Touro College. She says she now calls herself "Lin" because it's easier for Israelis to remember than "Linda." Her phone number is (053) 403-682.


Josh Effron - While he was at P.H. (for eleventh grade), Josh took a correspondence course for twelfth grade. This made it possible for him to finish up high school basically right after he left P.H. (He did have to take a proctored test for the correspondence course, however - he got Rena to be the proctor!) He then went to Tel Aviv, where he lived for a while before starting his studies at Hebrew University. A year later, he began his service in the IDF, where he served on the staff of a military prison. After the army, he finished up college, earning a BA in political science. After that, Josh went to live in Jerusalem, where he soon found himself managing the famous Mr. T's. He then went to Boston University in Beer Sheva, where he got a Master's Degree in management. After graduation, he decided to start a few websites. Josh now co-owns JewishMarines.com and GIJew.com with Mark Reichman, a fellow PH'er from 1995-1996. He also co-owns StateofIsrael.com, iHunger.com, and WeDebate.com, among others. He is currently back in the States, studying law at Loyola Law School, in Los Angeles.


Golan (Paul) Azani, of blessed memory - Golan was at P.H. for both eleventh and twelfth grade. After graduating high school, he fulfilled his dream of serving in the Golani unit of the IDF. He bravely served his country in both Gaza and Lebanon. During part of this period, he lived with Ran and Josh in Ariel, along with three other PH'ers from other years. Golan's life was tragically cut short in an auto accident while he was on his way home from Lebanon. He will forever be missed. Kenny Sahr, one of his roommates in Ariel, wrote the first Hebrew-language travel guide to Jordan and Syria and dedicated it to Golan.


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Lin Gabay (Linda Gabay): lingabay@hotmail.com

Josh Effron: josh@ihunger.com




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