Well, well, well. What have we here. The class of 88-89. We started with more than we ended with. But we had a good time. A few of us are in Israel. Where are you?? Here's a partial list of those who we've "found." If you're not on this list and still can remember names like "Graham" etc., send an Email.

Name Whereabouts Email Address ICQ Number Web Site/s
Kenny Sahr Jerusalem kenny@sahr.com 3022891 School Sucks and Sahr.com
Jon Coupal Whereabouts Unknown senatorpenguin@yahoo.com 13618319
Nat Harari California nat@harari.org 9852912 The Plunger and Something Wonderful
Orit Borowsky California oritsky@hotmail.com
Ruth Ellenson California raellenson@cs.com
Sharon Slater California sharuzi@socal.rr.com
Nathan Effron California nathan@aurumdigital.com
Ohad Eliani Miami oeliani@aol.com

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