In the summer of 2004, I visited Pardess Chana. Before moving to Eilat with my girlfriend, I wanted to hangout with my two business partners. One of them, Yasha Harari (with his dogs below), lives in Pardess Chana. In fact, his house is next to the old bus station (yes, its closed now, there's a bus stop at the intersection and that's it!) and you can see the classroom building from inside his house. Yasha's brother, Nat, went to Pardess Chana with me in '88-'89. As long as I was in the area, we took a walk around and snapped a few pic's.

We also walked into town. Its bigger - more roads, cars and stores. But not that much bigger. Only one block from the main road and its still the same quiet Pardess Chana that I remembered.