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Hi and welcome to my links page! I've been online in one form or another since 1983 and on the Internet since 1993. I used to collect my bookmarks like most people do - in my web browser. After enough computer crashes and starting over on the bookmarks, I put them online. These are the websites that I most often visit. If you visit this page over time, you'll see some sites come and go, but many remain the same. If something is in my bookmarks long enough, it'll end up here eventually! If this is your first time to one of my websites, you can read more about me here.

Updated July 20, 2013

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I've always loved music. As a music collector, there's something special about the real thing - vinyl, cassette and cd. The Internet has done wonders for nostalgia music. There are stations playing vinyl (yes, vinyl converted to mp3!), exotica, cool jazz and 70's disco that I love to listen to. These nostalgia genres are so cool! Most of these stations are run by music collectors and its a labor of love. They pay Live 365 every month for the right to broadcast their music. Live 365 takes care of the licensing fees and bandwidth. Its not an expensive hobby - $10-$30 a month for most. But it takes a lot of time and energy to put together hours of radio and change it weekly or even daily.

The owners of these stations live in Brazil, Florida, California and in the heartland of America. Bachelor Pad Radio is broadcast from Champaign, Illinois. Forever Cool has a library of over 6,500 songs! The owner is a music collector with thousands of records and cd's. According to his website, he is a realtor from Palm Springs, California - "I fantasize about having my own local radio program and will gladly consider any and all offers!!"

Bruce David Janu is a teacher and low budget indie filmmaker. He also has a collection of vinyl which he broadcasts on his Live 365 station, The Vinyl Voyage. I think its amazing that he's copying vinyl to a computer and converting it to mp3. An analog-digital journey!

Rocco Caramello runs Rocco's Musica Musica - a station broadcasting Brazilian music. He owns a film production company in Bahia, Brazil. Interesting people and great music..

Island Dreamz Radio plays Trop Rock. Trop Rock is a fun genre - a mix of country and Caribbean steel pans. Trop Rock is the music of Key West. The songs are all about beaches, islands, boats and travel. The best part of Island Dreamz are the live shows. Their website lists them well in advance. It is so much fun to listen to a live Trop Rock show played at a restaurant bar somewhere in the US. The ambience of these shows will take you back to Key West, Jamaica and the cruise ships!

KSBR and WRDV are real radio stations that use Live 365 for their online broadcasts. I like hearing a real voice that I know is broadcasting locally. The Big Band format of WRDV is such a nostalgia trip! You can pretend you're in another era. KSBR is a smooth jazz station at a local college in California. There aren't many radio stations playing jazz these days and I like to listen to them.

Soma FM is supported by donations. They have 20 stations with names from another world - Groove Salad, Suburbs of Goa, Space Station Soma, Secret Agent (The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!), Mission Control (Live and historic NASA mission audio mixed with electronic ambient). has 26 stations playing everything from ragtime to modern jazz. They have stations that focus on jazz genres as well as instruments ("Saxophone Jazz"). I recently discovered Sky FM and 1 FM. Both have a wide variety of stations. Channel flipping has become channel clicking!

Live 365 Jazz Radio Soma FM Sky FM 1 FM Island Dreamz Radio Bachelor Pad Radio Show Buddies Lounge Discoteria Rocco's Musica Musica Bossa Nova Breakfast Celtic Radio Vinyl Voyage Caribbean Radio Stations KSBR Jazz WRDV Big Band Forever Cool Blue Plate Radio WWOZ New Orleans New Orleans Radio WBGO Newark Mo'Betta Music Radio

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