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Hi and welcome to my links page! I've been online in one form or another since 1983 and on the Internet since 1993. I used to collect my bookmarks like most people do - in my web browser. After enough computer crashes and starting over on the bookmarks, I put them online. These are the websites that I most often visit. If you visit this page over time, you'll see some sites come and go, but many remain the same. If something is in my bookmarks long enough, it'll end up here eventually! If this is your first time to one of my websites, you can read more about me here.

Updated June 7, 2014

News and Views
Times of Israel CNN Google News Yahoo News Drudge Report Miami Herald South Florida Sun Sentinel Orlando Sentinel Real Clear Politics Wall Street Journal Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball The American Interest Recode CNET

Science & More
Mars Curiosity Rover Mars Opportunity Rover Cassini - Saturn Kepler - Planet Hunter The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog Starts With A Bang Strange Maps Imagineering Disney Thesaurus Urban Dictionary Facebook LinkedIn

Buddies Lounge Cocktail Nation All About Jazz All Music The Who The Bootleg Zone Vigotone Dime A Dozen The Trader's Den Pink Robert Zomb Yeeshkul

Israeli-Jewish Related
Israel Railways - Israel Railways / Egged Buses - Israel's original bus company / Golden Pages - Israel's Yellow and White Pages / Israel Postal - Israel's mail service / Yad 2 - Israeli classified ads / Zap - Israel's shopping directory

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