Hi and welcome to Kenny Sahr's website, Sahr.com! For many of you, I'm the founder of School Sucks.com. To others, I wrote the travel guide that helped you in Jordan. I'm also a music collector - from classic rock to world music, I can't be without music. I'm lucky to have lived in some amazing cities - Miami, Houston, Ramat Gan, Jerusalem and Eilat. I spent much of my 20's at beaches and participated in a few fun scenes - in the real world and online. I was 24 when I founded School Sucks and I'm 37 now.

My first online experience was in '83 with an Atari 1200 XL, a tape drive and a 300 baud modem! The modem was used to call BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems), a precursor to the Internet. There were discussion boards, games, downloads, email messages and more. I knew then that what I was seeing and doing in the BBS world was important. That BBS that I had as a kid evolved into School Sucks a decade later.

Today, its as cool as ever. I spent much of 2006 researching and planning a long trip. Every youth hostel in the world has a website. It was so much fun checking them out - seeing photos and sometimes videoclips! I found budget vacation rentals in the Caribbean that I never dreamed existed. Internet forums also helped - you ask for travel suggestions on Lonely Planet's forums and within minutes start to see replies. That didn't stop me from buying a few Lonely Planet books - without them, I wouldn't have known where to start. Backpackers and travelers never had it so good!

June 9, 2014 - It's been a while! Over 4 years since my last post here. I like having a website that's in pure html and coded in Notepad since 1996. So much has happened since my last post. The biggest change can be summed up in one word - "mobile." I own a smartphone, tablet and Chromebook. The second big change is "the cloud." Much of my music, photos and videos are stored in the cloud. These changes are so big, it's as if everything is "before mobile and the cloud" and after. Do you remember what life was like before you had your smartphone and tablet?? I also own a PlayStation 3 which means I can play games in my family room and not sitting at a desk on my desktop pc.

I still buy cds and collect music - some things will never change. I have a terrific stereo and a wide screen TV - just like most people in 2014. My TV has a USB connection, so I can copy files via thumb drive from my computer. What a difference 4 years makes!



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