In April 2009, we went on a short trip to Jerusalem. We walked through the new city for a few hours and spent most of our time in the Old City. We visited the Tower of David - including their Night Spectacular which was an incredible light show. We did the Kotel Tunnels tour and a walking tour which focused on the rooftops of the Old City.

The Old City was filled with Jews and Christians celebrating Passover and Easter. The walkways in the Armenian and Jewish Quarters were packed from early afternoon to night. Morning was the only time we could walk at a fast pace.

We saw Ladino singer Yasmin Levy in concert. If you can understand Hebrew and Spanish, you can follow songs in Ladino. Her performance was the reason we went to Jerusalem on these specific dates and we'll never forget it. Here are some of the photos, panoramas and a few QuickTime 3D's for those with QuickTime.

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