Arad, Israel is a desert town in the Negev. This page starts in January 2010. Arad has a population of 25,000 and was Israel's first planned town. It shows - Arad was built with space in mind. If you drive east from Beersheva, Arad is on the way to the Dead Sea - 45 minutes from Beersheva and a half hour from the Dead Sea.

In January 2010 I finally replaced the camera that broke in Quito, Equador! Its always cool to see a desert town when it rains and Arad is no exception. Today is January 25, 2010 and we're finally dressed for winter. As of the first week of January, it was a very mild winter and since then its been cold and wet. The center of Arad is almost empty on windy and rainy days. A few people running past one another, a few stores and a quick ride home. Home to some relaxing electronica and Brazilian music..

When it rains in the Negev, it is so beautiful! This was the rainest winter in decades in Arad. There were a few warm weeks in February and then we were hit with a week straight of torrential rains. I'll never forget the 2010 Arad winter experiences! Taking a taxi to town (15 skekels - $4) and running in between stores in the pouring rain, getting home and turning on the radiators to keep warm, doing laundry and hanging it indoors, lots of Brazilian and Arabic coffee, and sitting in my second floor office and watching the dark clouds pass by.

Some of these pictures look like scenes from Lord Of The Rings or a Warcraft style fantasy. All that's missing are little dudes with red and white beards!

The usually dry desert rivers were wet for much of the winter of 2010. I used the time I wasn't outdoors to redesign the house. I spent 3-5 hours redoing everything and love the results. The winter is a great time for internal stuff. And the music - whatever you like sounds cool with these vistas. Celtic, Big Band, Led Zeppelin, Trop Rock, Crime Jazz, Space Age Pop Music - I learned a lot about music this winter.

I woke up this morning and what did I see? A stunning view! So I ran for the camera - before my morning coffee - and got to work. I was humming Paul McCartney's Mull of Kintyre all morning. Its a Misty Mountain Hop in Arad!

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