School Sucks on 60 Minutes

Here's a fun story. In late 2001, we received a request to appear on the well known TV show "60 Minutes". We were hesitant, but they were adamant that they weren't out to get us and would give our side a fair airing. In early 2002 we agreed to do the interview, but my partner Yasha and I wanted to do it in Israel. They wanted it to take place in New York. We didn't feel comfortable with even the appearance of getting a free trip to New York City via 60 Minutes and told them so. Finally we agreed on an overnight trip - we'd fly in-and-out so it couldn't be seen as a vacation. Both flights on our roundtrip tickets were for the same day!

We arrived at the airport at 10pm Israel time for a 1am flight and landed in NYC in the morning (NY time). We each brought a small backpack - no need to check-in suitcases for an overnighter! They insisted on a hotel so we'd have a place to sleep a bit and shower and change before the interview. When we got to the room, Yasha went to a nearby store to buy us the sweatshirts and I slept for an hour. After barely sleeping, we got ready for the interview and took a 5 minute taxi ride to CBS headquarters.

We were politely greeted at 60 Minutes' offices and after a few minutes we had make-up on and were ready to go. We were led into a room with interesting decoration and cameras and sat down. Morley Safer walked in and shook our hands. He asked us questions for 20 minutes - firm but fair. We held our own and they found some of our answers funny. Question time was over and the producers were curious as to where we were headed - they knew we had only a few hours left before we had to get to the airport. "To Taco Bell, Ground Zero and a few music stores if we have time," I explained.

And that's what we did - we walked to Taco Bell. (Before we flew, I went to one of those map sites and printed directions to the two closest Taco Bell's to 60 Minutes' offices at the CBS building.) Then we took a taxi to Ground Zero and paid our respects. We had an hour left for music stores and I found a few cds that I was looking for. A taxi ride to the airport and we were waiting to board a flight home. A taxi through the hills to Jerusalem (where I lived then) and I was home. A few hours later and we were at our favorite pub telling stories about our long day.

Our segment ran in November 2002. Living overseas, we didn't get to see it. A friend in the US put the TV to the phone and we listened to it. A few weeks later, we received copies in the mail and finally saw it. Cool experience.

Kenny Sahr